Making Money on the Web….

offers work at home opportunities, resources,and references to help

YOU get started making extra money on the web in your spare time!

Are you wondering if it’s possible to make money on the web? Are work at home opportunities workable? Yes, making money on the web IS possible!  These work at home opportunites are workable.  Welcome to Making Money on the Web.  I am Karen, a registered nurse, and I found that I needed some extra income and making money on the web seemed the sensible solution.

Are you serious about making money on the web?  Or just speculating?  Making money on the web is great for people of all ages!   The reasons for making money on the web are endless.  Making money on the web is great because it can be at  your own pace, on your own time.  Many start out part time; some work up to full time.

On  this web site,  I would like to provide you with information to get you started making money on the web.  The main home business, I will talk about is Legacy for Life.  I have provided you with reference materials and resources as well as some very good web partner sites to look at. These web partners have great sites filled with information, resources and more work at home opportunities for those who are new to web business.

This is not a “get rich quick” business opportunity.

Making a success of work at home opportunities requires time, willingness to learn and work on the Internet.  Come in, browse around, and learn about

making money on the Web!


The content of this website represents information from the Internet and other sources that I feel would be of interest and value to my visitors. does not endorse or warrant any of the individual products or services herein. This website was designed to help the average person start a home business with no start-up costs. This does not guarantee that you will succeed in any business herein without  spending any money.  There may be costs associated with products, advertising, services, etc.