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Virtual Data Room Pricing: what you need to know about service fees

  • November 11, 2021

More and more often, data is being recorded digitally and made accessible in so-called online Data Rooms. The software is designed to relieve the customer of the work and to save time and money.

Highly secure Data Room solutions for sensitive transactions

The market of cloud services is one of the most dynamic in its development of the world IT markets. According to Gartner, in 2022 the cost of corporate clouds in the world will be within 331.2 billion US dollars, and in 2026 the global market for cloud services will be about 521.8 billion US dollars. One of the main reasons for this growth is that to achieve greater flexibility, mobility, and efficiency, the business is reoriented in its work on cloud services.

The transactions made via the Data Room software are often strictly confidential. Is this no less important than all of a company’s trade secrets? All business data, contracts, patents, and competition information are neatly organized in the virtual Data Rooms to present everything to potential investors at a glance and thus make the entry or purchase attractive. 

A Data Room is a structured collection of documents that are stored physically or electronically. In contrast to document management systems, electronic Data Rooms are mostly cloud-based. The use of such software allows companies to make fast and secure decisions, perform work more accurately, and ensure data security. Besides, SaaS solutions translate capital costs into operating costs, allowing businesses to remain more competitive.

Benefits of using Online Data Room

Based on the above points, it can be stated that the significant advantages of the Data Room include:

  • permanent expansion of the range of services offered by manufacturers and providers of cloud solutions allows to increase the efficiency of IT support for business processes;
  • reduction of maintenance costs and expansion of IT infrastructure;
  • saving working time;
  • the ability to work collectively with employees on documents in real-time;
  • automated data backup process;
  • resource management, technical support, control over the operation of servers, and rapid response to any failures is provided by the technical support service of the cloud provider;
  • high reliability of data storage.

Competitive costs in data rooms

is no easier undertaking. Most providers have hidden or unpredictable costs. The number of users can often not be planned, just like page views, data transfer, or the amount of data in the documents. It also should be mentioned, that not all common Data Room providers display the prices on their product pages. 

Some Data Room operators even require you to have a pocket calculator on hand. Others also want to look into the crystal ball. Because these additional fees are often calculated for each invited data room user, page views, or even the amount of data that is to be stored. Incidentally, we are not aware of any free Data Rooms at the time of going to press. This is not surprising, because highly secured Data Rooms have their price and cannot be compared with the prices of well-known cloud storage providers.

Get started in a Virtual Data Room with a free trial

For several years now, the Virtual Data Room has been actively used by well-known corporations of various industries, from audit and design organizations to entrepreneurship. Therefore, if you would like to modernize your business, increase its profitability, but you are not entirely sure how to start, then consult a team of world-renowned professionals. For your business, you can enable a free trial period.